Smartphone Protection

The more we rely on smartphones, the greater our risk when they’re lost.

Simply leaving your phone in an airport security tray can expose your email, text message history, financial documents, web auto-login credentials, pictures of your family, your contact list, and more.

As a result, smartphones are an increasing target for identity and electronic gadgetry thieves — more than 2 million were stolen in 2008 alone.

The average smartphone is quick and easy money for thieves. When they steal your cell phone they will quickly search for vital identity information like credit card data, internet favorites with saved login credentials, and your contact list. They then sell this information to information brokers for anywhere from $0.25 – $1.00 per verified contact. A thief can easily glean between $200 – $10,000 or more worth of information from your phone.

The Retrievers Data Rescue Smartphone Security offering protects you and your business against smartphone loss or theft with three essential features you can invoke from the The Retrievers Data Rescue website:

  • Ring – Makes your phone ring (even if it was set to vibrate). This can help you quickly find your phone, or verify that it’s no longer in your possession.
  • Lock – If your phone requires a password to use but was unlocked when you lost it, The Retrievers Data Rescue Lock feature activates the lock to ensure whoever has it must enter the password to use it.
  • Wipe – if you know you lost your phone, and want to keep its information out of unintended hands, Wipe erases your information from it, and renders the phone unusable without a full system restore
The Retrievers Data Rescue